How Do I Get Started?

Getting started with the Ratliff Law Firm on designing and implementing your own employee benefits plan or plans is easy. Indeed, we try to make the entire process of designing and administrating employee benefits plans of all kinds as easy on you as possible, without leaving you on your own or performing dangerous under-service.

Step 1 of this process is to fill out a Basic Benefits Questionnaire. With this form we will be able to quickly identify your business’ needs, as well as go over your goals and objectives for a benefits plan. We may also ask that you complete our Captive Initial Questionnaire depending on our assessment of the Basic Benefits Questionnaire.

Next, we will meet with you to discuss the questionnaire, as well as formulate a plan of action, counseling you on which plan may be best for you, as well as some expectations from operating such a plan. We will also go over all the costs of running a plan. You will never have a hidden cost or bill from a previously unknown service provider when working with the Ratliff Law Firm.

Following this meeting, if you are creating a retirement plan, we will meet with your accounting and financial advisors to collect census data on your business to make a plan proposal. This proposal takes about two weeks to generate, and it provides you with a prospective picture of how your plan will look, how much money it will cost, and what kinds of ancillary benefits can be gained from the plan, such as increased tax deductions on your business’ books.

Upon your acceptance of the proposal, we will begin creating and administering your plan, keeping you up to date and informed all along the way. We will ensure maximum compliance for present and changing laws, protection and planning for government audit or litigation, and the most flexible administration possible to account for the changes in your business as we move forward together.